Portland Discrimination

Discrimination is against the law in Oregon. If you believe you have been discriminated against, please contact our law firm at 503-987-0000. There is no charge for the phone call.

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If we take on your case, you can choose to hire us through a contingency agreement. That means, no attorney fee unless you win through trial, settlement or otherwise.

What Is Discrimination?

In Portland, Oregon, workplace discrimination is when a worker is treated differently in the terms and conditions of employment because of the worker’s protected class.

Examples Of Discrimination?

There are many different forms of discrimination based on protected classes. Common examples of discrimination include wrongful termination, discipline or suspension. Discrimination also includes unfair job assignments, unfair pay and demotion. Cutting hours or unfairly modifying the job schedule can also be forms of discrimination. These are just some examples of discrimination.

Because each case is different, if you believe you have been discriminated against, you should contact an experienced discrimination law firm to help evaluate whether your rights have been violated.

Examples Of Protected Classes?

Oregon law provides for various protected classes. By example, protected classes include sex, gender, sexual orientation and race. National origin, religious status, age and veterans’ status are also protected classes. Family leave, sick leave and disability are also classes protected from discrimination. Work injury and filing a workers’ compensation claim are two other examples of protected classes. These are just some examples of protected classes.

Most workers are protected under several protected classes. By having protected classes, Oregon law requires workers to be treated fairly. In other words, workers should be judged by their skills and work ethic, along with other fair reasons. Workers should never be judged simply for who they are or because they engaged in conduct protected by law.

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