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Portland, Oregon sexual harassment lawyer Paul A. Bullman represents only workers. Paul also represents workers in discrimination and retaliation cases. Please contact our law firm at 503-987-0000.

You do not need to suffer sexual harassment. Hostile work environment should never be allowed. Discrimination and retaliation are always wrong. Workers need an attorney in their corner who will fight for their rights.

No Fee Unless You Win

Paul A. Bullman and our law firm are usually hired by clients through a written contingency fee agreement. This means our law firm only gets paid when clients get paid. This is also known as “no attorney fee unless you win.” In Oregon, our law firm also advances court costs and litigation expenses for which the payment is contingent on whether the client wins. This is one of the many ways our law firm helps workers enforce their rights.

Recognized For Experience And Success

Paul has been repeatedly ranked highly by other sexual harassment and discrimination lawyers. Most importantly, client ratings and experience have resulted in Paul being ranked among the best attorneys in sexual harassment and discrimination cases. Below are some of those awards and recognition:

Paul A. Bullman recognized in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers for Oregon
Top Attorney Paul A. Bullman in sexual harassment and discrimination
Paul A. Bullman earned recognition from Super Lawyers

Fighting For The Rights Of Workers

Before forming The Bullman Law Firm in 2010, Paul represented both workers and employers. He gained experience representing all sides in employment disputes. But for Paul, his dream was opening a law firm that only represented workers. Paul reached this dream in 2010. Our law firm has steadily grown throughout the years. Paul has built a team of attorneys who fight every day for workers.

Paul and his team investigate sexual harassment and other discrimination and retaliation. The Bullman Law Firm also advocates for clients in trial courts and during negotiations. Our law firm also protects worker rights in the appellate courts. Paul and the lawyers at his law firm also fight to protect workers rights in the Capitol.

Investigating Before A Lawsuit Is Filed

When a client hires our lawyers in a sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation case, we first conduct an investigation. Our lawyers investigate the facts through documents and witnesses. Our law firm puts together the truth so each client has an understanding of their legal rights and how the wrong can be addressed.

Advocating In Trial Court

Once an investigation is completed and strong evidence of wrongdoing has been found, Paul advocates for workers in the court room.

While most sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation cases ultimately settle, there is no guarantee every case will reach a settlement. In order for the other side to take your case seriously, the case must be prepared as though it is going to trial.

In the trial court, our lawyers are able to conduct a formal investigation with subpoena power. Subject to the rules in Oregon courts, we obtain documents and depose witnesses through oral testimony called depositions.

Advocating In Negotiations

Investigating and having court skills is not enough. A strong sexual harassment and discrimination attorney must also be a skilled negotiator. Paul has won many cases for clients through settlements. First, Paul listens to client needs. Second, Paul aggressively negotiates for clients based on these needs. Paul does everything he can to achieve the best results for clients.

Protecting Rights In Appellate Courts

Paul represents clients in the appellate courts. He has also been selected by professional organizations to draft and submit arguments on their behalf. While sexual harassment and discrimination law continues to change, Paul wants to make sure the law changes to better protect workers.

Making Worker Rights Better In The Capitol

Paul has testified multiple times to state House and Senate committees on legislation that affects workers. Paul has drafted legislation to help advance worker rights. He actively advises legislators, sometimes well past midnight, during legislation sessions in order to protect worker rights. This is to ensure Portland Sexual Harassment and Portland Discrimination rights are strong.

Who Is Harassing Or Discriminating?

Our law firm takes on cases where the sexual harasser or discriminator is the boss, manager or supervisor. We also take on cases where the sexual harasser or discriminator is a coworker, customer or any other third party. The sexual harassment and discrimination rules can be different depending on who is the wrongdoer and the type of wrong. So, to enforce your worker rights, you need to reach out to an experienced attorney like Paul A. Bullman and his law firm. You can reach his law firm at 503-987-0000.

Examples Of What Is Wrong?

Sexual harassment in Portland, Oregon includes unwelcome conduct like touching or sexual advances. Harassment based on sex also includes talking about sex whether in person, by phone or in a message. More and more our investigations uncover emails and texts involving offensive sexual communications. Sometimes sexual harassment includes “quid pro quo” where something about the job is conditioned on giving into sexual advances. These various forms of sexual harassment are against Oregon law. You should reach out to an experienced attorney like Paul A. Bullman to help evaluate whether what is happening to you is unlawful. Please visit our sexual harassment page for more information.

Discrimination in Portland, Oregon includes wrongful termination, suspension or discipline. Demotion and unfair pay also are examples of discrimination. Lesser job title or job assignment can also be a form of discrimination. These are just some discrimination examples. Discrimination occurs when the employment decision is made because of a protected class. Oregon law protects against discrimination because of sex, race, color, sexual orientation and gender. Disability, family leave and sick leave are also protected classes. Oregon law also protects based on age, veterans’ status and national origin. You should reach out to an experienced attorney like Paul A. Bullman to help evaluate whether what is happening to you is unlawful. Please visit our discrimination for more information.

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